The Great MacOS 9

This "An OS 9 odyssey: Why these Mac users won’t abandon 16-year-old software." is an awesome article. OS 9 was the peak of Apple operating systems. Low latency, instant response. If only the industry didn't fabricate internet "standards" complexity at a rate which is impossible to dream of supporting on the older machines.


  1. Hi! Are you the same Timothy Lottes that created the FXAA Tool? I think the tool needs an update because I can't get it to work anymore in Windows 10. I'm using it for Fallout 3 and it makes the game crash after the main menu trying to start the game.

    1. P.S. That's Windows 10 64 bit

  2. I wrote the original shader years ago now, but what you are looking for requires finding the person who made the tool.

  3. Would you know who that was? I guess not otherwise you would of mentioned that persons name.